If you glanced at any of our Testimonials you would correctly assume that our business has grown significantly over the years as a result of referrals biz-hand from many, many satisfied customers. We have always appreciated these referrals and when those satisfied customers have come back to us to re-order, we have often given them discounts on their next orders in an attempt to tangibly show our appreciation.

The Founder & Owner/Operators of Bed Linens, Etc. have spent most of their business careers involved in both the manufacturing and retailing of home furnishings products through the so called traditional marketing techniques (such as TV, radio, print and most recently… internet advertising and sales promotion). During the first 17 years of operation, most of these same approaches (along with the referrals mentioned above) have been used to perpetuate and sustain the growth of Bed Linens, Etc.

With the invention of the computer, a sensational marketing theory was developed, implemented and now accounts for a huge segment of how products and services in practically every industry that exists.. are sold. The general name for it is “Network Marketing”… a common nickname is “MLM” (Short for Multi Level Marketing). The Grand Daddy of it is a little firm by the name of Amway. The fundamental concept behind how a network marketing company sells its’ products and services versus the “traditional” business is that the money that used to be allocated for advertising, selling and all elements of sales promotion are now paid directly to independent people who network referrals to the company via a VERY complicated compensation system. The amount that is paid out to the MLM organization will almost always run at least 40% of the selling price of the product or service and often will go as high as 60%.

Like any concept… Multi Level Network Marketing has good features, some not so good… and some that are generally disliked and not wanted. A few of the good points are: you are paid according to performance… not an evaluation by one or more bosses; you are independent… work your own hours, etc., etc.; there is rarely a ceiling on how much you can earn (unless the company goes belly up or drops the MLM program) and politics and prejudice hardly exist at all. On the not so good and/or negative side: you are encouraged and trained on how to push your company’s product and services on practically every member of your family, friends, business associates and just about every human being you come in to contact with… and some people do not like to do that; you are usually encouraged to “do the business” according to an exact program (often called “duplication”) whether that system fits you as an individual… or not; you are highly encouraged to attend weekly, by weekly, monthly meetings and one or more conventions (at your expense) and said meetings are more often than not, repetitive and often looked on as a waste of time; you are highly encouraged to “do the business” on a full time basis and are almost always discouraged from handling the product lines of another MLM company; you often have to make an initial product investment (so you can use the product yourself and demonstrate it to others, etc., etc.) and that investment is rarely recovered before the nearly 90% of those who drop out after two years or less decide the program is not for them. Another major negative is the fact that the products or services are often priced much higher than those of equal value in the market places in order to pay out all the networkers. If you are reading this, chances are you are or have been involved in one or more MLM programs… as a customer… as a “distributor”… or both.

At the beginning of 2010 Bed Linens, Etc. LLC decided to rather drastically alter it’s entire business strategy… especially in the area of marketing. A good deal of the strategy comes out of the positive aspects of the many successful MLM or network marketing businesses. However, we have designed the program to NOT include the above mentioned negatives!

This business will no longer be exposed to the public through traditional advertising channels or be promoted via search engines! Instead, we have decided to embark on a program that formally compensates individuals and/or entities that refer others to us (for the 6 reasons outlined on our homepage). If an individual wishes to try out our formal referral program and become a “Referral Partner”… they simply alert us that they are interested… and the chances are that we will approve them. If approved, there is no initial fee, no monthly charges, no product inventory to purchase, no samples to buy… and no meetings to attend. RPs (Referral Partners) are assigned an I. D. and provided with their own personal website… at no charge. ONLY People referred to that website by the RP or anyone else using the RP’s I. D. may gain access to the RP’s site.

An RP receives a referral fee on all sales made through his or her site… OR placed with Bed Linens, Etc. via phone. RPs can also decide to offer part of their fee to the people who they have referred in the form of a discount. RPs do NOT have to know or learn anything about bed linens, handle the placing of any orders or field any questions from customers concerning products, delivery, etc. Everything is handled by Bed Linens Etc. LLC.

If you have ANY interest in learning more about the program, have questions, etc. please give us a call at 800 776-9233 (800 77MY BED) or send us an e-mail. Thanks.

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