General Information

Bed Linens, Etc., LLC is a factory direct “Internet Only” operation specializing in bed linens and related products. We do NOT have “Brick & Mortar” stores. Since we deal with products that many people prefer to “see & feel” before they make a purchase, we offer a FREE swatch service.

BLE was the very first entity in the entire home furnishings industry to conduct commerce on the Internet (it was called The World Wide Web seventeen years ago when we put up our first website). We are fortunate to now have satisfied customers in ALL 50 states, as well as, throughout Canada. Many of our customers have come back to re-order from us, have referred others to us and made many suggestions as to how to improve our business… especially our Online Store. Additional details concerning what we offer are covered on the Homepage. Unsolicited comments by many of our customers are listed on the Testimonials section of the this site.

About The Founders Of Bed Linens, Etc.

Bed Linens, Etc. was founded by Virginia and Todd Colvin. Although no longer involved in the “day to day” operations of the business, Virginia was very much involved in the creation of it’s “concepts”.

Todd and Virginia Colvin - Founders of Bed Linens, Etc.
Todd and Virginia Colvin – Founders of Bed Linens, Etc.

Todd has been associated with the furniture & bedding industry since graduating from Colgate University in the mid fifties. During over 19 years with the Simmons Company, he held several key management positions, including District Manager for the Mid-Atlantic States, Assistant to the Vice President of Sales, Director Of Sales Education, Sales Manager of the National Accounts Division and General Manager of the Living Room Division.

After leaving Simmons, Todd spent almost 20 years with the Sealy organization… serving as Director Of Marketing For North America, Vice President Of Sales & Marketing & later Vice President & General Manager Of Sealy Southeast, Vice President Of Furniture Operations and finally Vice President of Licensing and International Operations.

Todd was the “conceptual” father of the basic Bed Linens, Etc.. strategic plan. With the help and support of several friends and associates… He opened the Internet business in early 1994. The company was the very first entity in the entire home furnishings industry to conduct commerce on the World Wide Web.

Todd enjoys the business, counts himself fortunate to have such a fabulous wife, great children, grandchildren and friends. And whenever possible, he goes fishing.

About Some “Key” Members Of Team At Bed Linens, Etc.

Brenda and Charlie Brandt

Brenda is not involved in the day to day operations of BLE.
She is simply in charge of Charlie…
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Charlie had been “in and around” the New Orleans, LA area for most of his life, until moving to Mountain Home, AR after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the Brandt home. He graduated from F. T. Nicholls High School in 1962. Charlie was a busy young man while in high school… he hit the books and made The National Honor Society, was elected President of his class, voted Most Popular and Best Athlete in the school AND played baseball and basketball. Basketball was his “main game” in those days… while at Nicholls, he earned “All District”, “All Prep” & “All-State” honors.

He received an Athletic Scholarship to Tulane University of Louisiana, lettered in basketball, and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1966. He was then commissioned a 2nd Lt. in the U. S. Army Reserve.

Charlie had already accomplished quite a bit when he hit the ripe old age of 20. However, absolute #1 on the list was to marry his childhood sweetheart, Brenda Frances Zeringue, in 1965. They are blessed with two children, Brian Charles and Daralee (who is married to Jeff Stroud of Hardy, AR).

Charlie’s military stint (June 1966 – June 1969) came at a “tough time” during the Vietnam war. The first two years were spent getting medics ready for combat in “Nam”. He was Training Officer (Cadre) at the U. S. Army Medical Training Center in Fort Houston, TX. The last year (June 1968 – June 1969) was a year Charlie probably wishes did not happen. He was a Captain, 199th Light Infantry Brigade serving in the Mekong Delta, Saigon, Bien Hoa, & Long Binh, Vietnam.

While there, Charlie earned The Bronze Star, Combat Medical Badge, Medal Of Commendation, Valorous Unit Award, Vietnam Campaign Medal, & Vietnam Service Medal.

He left the Military in 1969 and began a career in the home furnishings field that continues to this day. He started as a mattress buyer for D. H. Holmes (a department store chain with 12 stores located throughout LA, MS and AL.). DHH was already dominant in the area’s mattress business when Charlie came on the scene. However, he doubled their business and while doing so, “caught the eye” of the Holmes’ major mattress supplier, Sealy, who “stole” him away in March of 1972. That was the beginning of a 34 1/2 year career that was one of the most amazing ever in the mattress field. Sealy grew to over a billion dollars in sales during those years and achieved a national 23% market share, more than #2 Simmons and #3 Serta combined. The area developed, managed, and directed by Charlie was #1 in the U. S. for Sealy. He won numerous awards and prizes and earned a good living for his family. However, what really made him “special & unusual” was and is the fabulous respect he has achieved among customers, peers, his so-called superiors, and everyone who ever worked with him, even his competition.

During many of those years, Charlie worked VERY closely with Todd Colvin (The Founder of Bed-Linens, Etc.). Todd & Charlie have had similar core values and approaches to business through the years, always managing to learn from each other (often by making mistakes) and having fun while they did it. Their wives became good friends along the way as did their children.

At what may be “the twilight” of their so called active working days, they do it together… as they oversee the operations of Bed Linens, Etc. as a “team”. They make as many important business decisions as possible while fishing for German Brown Trout on Arkansas’s White River (someone has to do it!)

About The Executive Vice President Of Bed Linens, Etc.

Scott Colvin

Scott is the Executive Vice President of Bed Linens, Etc.
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Scott T. Colvin joined Bed Linens, Etc. in 2009 as Executive Vice President.

Scott is the oldest son of the Bed Linens, Etc. CEO. He founded and for the past decade or so has been the Owner/Operator of COLVIN FARRIER SERVICES of Cedar Park, Texas. Prior to establishing his own business, Scott had extensive experience in the home furnishings industry… including working closely with Charlie Brandt when they were both employed by the Sealy Mattress Company.

Scott always was and still is an excellent athlete. In his younger years he was captain and the all “everything” running back for a high school football team that he led to an undefeated New York State championship. To this day, he prides himself on being in “top physical shape”.

Above all, he is a family man and has been and is a dedicated and wonderful father to both of his children, Stephanie and Taylor.



About The Vice President – Internet Operations Of Bed Linens, Etc.

Dave and his wife with 1st grandchild
Dave is the Vice President – Internet Operations of Bed Linens, Etc

Dave and his wife with 1st grandchild
Dave is the Vice President – Internet Operations of Bed Linens, Etc.

David Langston joined Bed Linens, Etc. in 2009 as Vice President – Internet Operations.

Dave has been in the high tech industry for 33 years living in the Phoenix Area of Arizona, the Bay Area of California, the Portland Area of Oregon, and currently the Sacramento Area of California.

Dave grew up in Northern California working in his family’s service station business until moving to Phoenix, Arizona to attend the DeVry Institute of Technology on a full scholarship. Dave received a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology in 1976 and was hired as a new graduate recruit by Intel Corporation in Santa Clara, California.

Dave served many roles with Intel at a number of Intel’s locations around the West Coast. These roles included Product Engineer; Software Architect/Developer & Manager; Manufacturing/Engineering Manager; Technical Marketing Manager; Strategic Business Manager; Corporate External CAD Manager; and Graphics Software Program Manager to name a few.

In 1999 Dave resigned from Intel to pursue other interests and shortly thereafter formed Downum, Langston & Associates, LLC (DLA) with former Intel colleague Dan Downum. DLA was a consulting firm that engaged in a number of contracts for various clients over the years. In 2005 the focus of DLA evolved to concentrate primarily on internet development and operations. At that time DLA formed (a dba) which is the business entity it operates under to this day.

Dave began working with Bed Linens, Etc. in the summer of 2008 and became Vice President – Internet Operations in 2009.

Dave has been married for 40 years to his lovely wife and they have 2 wonderful children. Thanks to his daughter and her husband, Dave has 2 beautiful grand-daughters who get to be spoiled by their doting grandparents on a regular basis.