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1. Our PRODUCT SELECTION is HUGE! If we were a “brick & mortar” store, it would take over ten city blocks to display and stock all of the various items that we sell. When you consider our sheet offerings alone… the numbers run well into the MILLIONS… and we also have several other categories of bed linen products (comforters, bedspreads, duvets, mattress pads, day bed ensembles, futon covers, etc.).
2. The EASE OF SHOPPING with us is second to none! You do not have to get in your car and drive to a store. You can shop at any hour of the day or night. You can work with us over the phone… or you can place your order via our encrypted shopping cart without having to talk to a soul… if that is your preference. We believe that you will find “navigating” through our store a pleasure rather than a “chore”. Our bridal satin sheets are available in normal depths or as deep pocket sheets!!
3. Our PRICE/VALUE is outstanding. What people end up paying us for the products they purchase and the service we provide has created many satisfied BLE customers. The fact that we have as many repeat customers as we do… and the amount of unsolicited positive testimonials that we have received over the years, attests to this.
4. Our DELIVERY IS QUICK! despite the fact that we offer as many products as we do. Under normal circumstances we will manufacture and ship your order between 24 hours and four days from the time you place it. The balance of the time that it takes for the merchandise you have bought from us depends on how long it takes UPS to get it to your home. They pick up your order the SAME day it is produced. Many of our customers request expedited delivery… and we attempt to honor those requests whenever we can.
5. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE is not just a goal with BLE… it is a
“way of life”!
6. You will receive KNOWLEDGEABLE & EXPERIENCED CONSULTATION whenever you request or need it. This comes from the fact that BLE’s owner/operators were the very first entity in the entire home furnishings industry to conduct commerce via the Internet and our people have many, many years of experience in the general “bed linens” area.

Remember: “Your Satisfaction Is Our Business”

You can make your purchase by using our encrypted shopping cart or if you prefer, simply call us at our toll-free number 800 77MY BED (800-776-9233) or E-Mail us at our Customer Service Desk email

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